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Do you know which 20% of your actions bring 80% of your results?


High-performing means working or operating at an above average standard. For me, it’s all about doing – exploring, learning, working and reaching goals. In everyday life, this means disciplined routines and dedication to keep going even if you don’t have that excitement of starting something new anymore. Sounds familiar? Something you are or want to be?

My focus is on healthy food. I’ve spent numerous hours trying to find information about adapting the Bulletproof lifestyle for women. The entrepreneurial biohacking community is quite male-focused, and it often makes me ask “Hey, what about me? Does it work the same way for us women than it does for men?”

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My name is Minna and I come from Finland. I live in Berlin with my American fiancé. Being very action oriented and hardworking, I want to make sure that my actions are impactful and help in reaching my goals. I have always had high expectations for myself and wanted to be the best I possibly can. I started working alongside studies when I was 14, and ever since I’ve been extremely independent. Rarely I ask for others’ opinions – if I want something, I go and get it. I want to take the unknown path to find something unique and special. This mentality has its downsides, too. I’m learning at the same time how to be a high-performer and let go of limiting beliefs. Finding the balance between pushing yourself and being happy with what you already are, is the key to a fulfilling life.

Minna Kätevä

My passions

I love food. Not just any food, but the kind of food that makes you feel good. My food philosophy has evolved over the years, and currently, my eating is closest to the Bulletproof diet, with some adjustments to better meet women’s needs.

I also love moving. Biking is my number one activity. I do yoga every morning, and strength training a couple of times a week. Every now and then I go for a longer hike or a biking adventure. I do it alone to enjoy the power of nature to the fullest.

Professional background

My professional background is in marketing and e-commerce. After graduating 2009 with Master’s Degree in Marketing, I worked as a Project Manager and later as a partner in a marketing agency in West-Finland. In 2015 I moved to Berlin to work for nu3, one of the biggest health online stores in Europe, as Country Manager and Online Marketing Manager for Finland.

One of the biggest learnings of my career, so far, has been to trust my gut. Right now it’s telling me to use my hard-working mentality to build something meaningful and useful that helps other high-performers around the world. I’ll share more about my project later on.

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