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Bulletproof Breakfast

Bulletproof Breakfast usually means Bulletproof® Coffee with good, healthy fats. Your body remains in a fasting state and starts burning fat effectively. However, for women, it´s not recommended to continue the intermittent fasting protocol for a long time in a row (read more here). Women should still also stick to high-fat foods in the mornings, and add some protein, like collagen, whey, salmon, or eggs.

After doing the intermittent fasting for about six months, I started having issues with the menstruation cycle and decided to skip fasting for a while. Lately, I have varied my eating schedule; some mornings I have a solid breakfast, some mornings Bulletproof coffee with protein, and some mornings just an espresso with or without MCT oil.

I listen to my body and eat when I want to – usually twice a day, a big meal that keeps me satisfied for hours. The first one, around 9-11am, is a mix of bulletproof breakfast and lunch. The second meal, dinner, I enjoy around 17-19pm. The key for me is to eat more freely when I want to, and not based on what time it is.


When women add protein to their Bulletproof® Coffee, hormones stay in balance and fat burns effectively (compared to having carbs in the morning, which may make you store fat). Nourishing your body with quality fats lets it know that everything is okay and you will get enough nutrients throughout the day. When I started having protein in the mornings, I felt somehow happier and more balanced. Protein in the mornings and more frequent carb re-feeds really made a difference.

Protein with coffee is best implemented by adding 1 tablespoon of Collagen Protein to the Bulletproof® Coffee Recipe. In addition, you might have a scoop of Whey Protein, but don´t blend it with coffee since heat damages it. Sometimes I add one raw egg before blending the fatty coffee shake. Sounds weird but I recommend trying. The egg makes it even frothier! Nowadays, I only drink Bulletproof coffee about once a week, when I don´t have time to cook and enjoy my breakfast as slowly as I prefer or if I go to yoga before lunch.

The Bulletproof® Coffee with Protein

Brew 2 cups of coffee from 100% Arabica, single-origin beans. Warm up the blender and mug with hot water to keep coffee warm for longer. Put brewed coffee in the blender with 10 grams of grass-fed, unsalted butter and 5–10 grams of MCT oil. Blend at low speed for about 20 seconds.

Add either 1 scoop of Bulletproof® Collagen Protein or one raw egg. With the egg, add a pinch of vanilla powder to balance the taste.

Blend for another 5 seconds and enjoy!

Bulletproof Breakfast

A double espresso with or without MCT oil

Most often I start my day with a double espresso. If I want to get deeper into ketosis, I have one tablespoon of MCT oil, separately, just on its own. Doesn’t taste too bad, actually.

I sip the espresso sitting by an energy lamp – and boom – I feel supercharged! Then I either run to the gym or do a strengthening power yoga session at home. After the work-out or yoga, I take an ice cold shower.

Could you think of a better way to get energized for the day?

Espresso shot

Salmon and eggs in a veggie bowl

I love eating from bowls. Luckily in the mornings my bulletproof breakfast usually fits well in a small bowl. If not, I divide it into two bowls.

The base always consists of veggies: broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, kale, cucumber, celery and/or fennel.

On top, I add either wild-caught Sockeye Salmon or soft-boiled eggs – sometimes both. In addition, I eat half of an avocado and tablespoon of Kerrygold butter to get plenty of good fats.

Bulletproof Breakfast

Cauliflower and spinach with eggs

Mixing cauliflower and eggs feels like being able to eat a lot of scrambled eggs without using a full 10-pack of eggs at once. Since I love big meals, cauliflower brings nice volume to this recipe. With turmeric, you can even make it look like scrambled eggs. Plus turmeric is a superfood you definitely should be adding to your daily diet.

First, steam 300 grams of frozen cauliflower and 3-5 portions of frozen spinach. Mash cauliflower into smaller pieces with fork or spatula. Add Himalayan Salt, turmeric, and herbs. Finally, add 2-3 eggs and mix well. Cook only for a few minutes so that the eggs are nice and moist.

Best enjoyed with butter!

Bulletproof Breakfast


Most days I still eat according to the Bulletproof® guidelines. And actually, intermittent fasting is not mandatory in the Bulletproof Lifestyle. For some it works, others it doesn’t. Listening to your body and allowing yourself to follow the signals, is definitely the key to high-performance diet. | © 2018 | Disclaimer