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Paleo Convention: What, Where, When

Paleo Convention is a yearly, two-day event in Berlin; a conference and market full of exhibitors and activities. You can choose whether you just want to check the market or invest in a full conference ticket. Both in 2016 and 2017, I’ve found some great, new paleo and low-carb products to test.

The event is not too big which allows you to enjoy the offering without getting tired too quickly. For active people, it’s also a great opportunity to do your work-out differently; playing around with Movision Movement, climbing up the wall, or doing some strength training – many options to get your heart pumping in between scrolling through the stands.


What I brought home

Last year at the Paleo Convention, I had some real coconut water for the first time. I’m a big fan of coconut products (flour, crunch, milk, cream, you name it), and again this year was hoping to find some new products or brands. I did find new coconut flour but, other than that, nothing really exciting for a coconut fan.

Most of the offering was related to proteins, which is also interesting; it’s not that straightforward to find grass-fed meat and snacks on the go. Since you can’t go back to the event and buy fresh foods that were prepared on the spot, I rather give tips on products that are available on a continuous basis (mostly in Germany, though).

Beef Jerky Snack at Paleo Convention 2017 Berlin

Compared to other beef jerky products I’ve tasted, the high protein snack by Kraftfleisch seemed somehow softer and juicier. I don’t eat beef jerky that often but every now and then it’s a good protein snack. I always check the ingredients list before buying since most have added sugar. It was a pleasant surprise that this High Protein Snack doesn’t.

Another grass-fed meat product I brought home was the berwork sausages. Those I rather eat as a meal with mustard and broccoli mash. The sausages are 98% meat and come in three different flavors: paprika, pepper, and herbs. I liked the paprika best. Sometimes I feel like eating spicy chorizos (at least 90% meat), and these are perfect for that. They are stored at room temperature, which means I don’t need to rush eating them because of the expiry date.


berwork stand at Paleo Convention Berlin event 2017

I was also looking for the Bulletproof Protein Bars, but weirdly, couldn’t find the Bulletproof stand at all. Luckily, you can order the bars from LiveHelfi online shop to all over Europe. I’ve written a post about the Bulletproof bars if you’re interested in learning more. As you might know, the Bulletproof Diet is an upgraded Paleo diet. Here’s more about my learning curve with the diet.

One natural protein snack that, in my opinion, is even better, is the wild-caught sardine. Unfortunately, I haven’t found my favorite ones in Berlin, yet. If you happen to know where to get Wild Planet or some other wild sardines, I’d love to know! Paleo Berlin, we need to unite our power and share the knowledge!

Edible bugs

I’ve been hesitant to try protein snacks made of crickets and other insects. I don’t know why. It’s not like I’m disgusted or strongly against eating bugs. At first, I just passed by the stand, but then, got intrigued, returned, and gave it a go. What does a worm taste like then? It was just like anything else in a dried form. Crunchy. Not bad, but not especially delicious, either. Until I’ve done more research about the nutrition facts and sourcing, I’ll stick to my non-buggy snacks.

Bug snacks for paleo berlin

In addition to protein snacks, there were supplements, natural cosmetics, and drinks, like kombucha and smoothies. Recently, I’ve learned about sugar-free, organic wines. There was one wine provider but their focus was more on ecological packaging rather than minimizing the toxins and sugars in the wine.

All in all, the Paleo Convention, once again, fulfilled my expectations. It’s an inspiring get-together for all the Paleo people around Berlin. We’ll be back in 2018. | © 2018 | Disclaimer