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Minna Kätevä - internet marketing freelancer

About High-Performance Food

The main focus is on food that optimizes mental and physical performance. My food philosophy has evolved over the years as I’ve learned more about what actually is healthy. Scientific research results and listening to your body are crucial. It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact: the simpler, the better.

I write about food for high-performers around the world. By sharing my experiences I want to help especially other women interested in optimal performance and biohacking.


Food Philosophy

I don't like the word "diet". As if everything was just about losing weight. Most of us want to develop a sustainable food philosophy that enables us to live optimally for the rest of our lives. Eating habits and the concept of a healthy food are evolving constantly,...

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Paleo Convention 2017; Protein Snack Highlights

Paleo Convention: What, Where, When Paleo Convention is a yearly, two-day event in Berlin; a conference and market full of exhibitors and activities. You can choose whether you just want to check the market or invest in a full conference ticket. Both in 2016 and 2017,...

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Biohacking without devices?

  Are you a true Biohacker if you don’t wear expensive devices or get blood tests regularly? Is there a more grounded version of health hacking that relies on just listening to your body? But first, what is biohacking? “Biohacking refers to the application of IT hacks...

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