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Bulletproof diet mistakes I made in the beginning

Oct 9, 2016

Bulletproof diet mistakes could often be avoided with common sense. The first months require quite some figuring out with ratios, amounts, and timing. After this learning phase, I definitely confirm the importance of listening to your body and making changes based on that. There is no one diet that would suit us all – but the Bulletproof lifestyle is a good starting point for finding your optimal performance.

Here are the three biggest Bulletproof diet mistakes I made in the beginning:


Waaay to much butter!

The more, the better, hmmm? Well, not for most women. If you eat too much fat, you are likely to gain weight. Even if the biohackers tell that on a low-carb-high-fat-diet your body becomes a fat-burning-machine and calories don’t count anymore. But for some reason, it doesn’t seem to work the same way for women. Quite often the issue is with not going low enough with carb intake. For example, fruits are high in sugar, and you should definitely leave them out at first. Of course, depends on your goals, but if you’d like to drop a few pounds or kilos, it’s a good idea to follow the Bulletproof roadmap recommendations. In the beginning, I gained a few (okay, 5!) kilos and felt miserable. And for me, 5 kilos is a lot. I had never weighed so much, before, in my life. Was I ready to quit? Hell yeah.

With so much seemingly sound science and so many high-performing role-models behind this lifestyle, though, I wanted to give it one more go. We cut the amount of butter in my morning coffee by half, and then down to a quarter of what I started with when first having Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast. I, also, allowed myself only one treat per day, whereas, before, I was eating those lovely, fatty treats, like coconut butter, and 90% chocolate, twice a day… and guess what? It started working. I got back to my normal weight (a little less, even), and I started to believe that this diet could actually work.


Too many OR not enough carbs

Most women, probably, make the mistake of not cutting enough carbs from their diet IN THE BEGINNING. I was literally in tears when thinking about giving up bananas and my morning breakfast bowls… During the first weeks, I added fats but didn’t cut enough on carbs. When I started noticing the first kilos sneaking in on my thighs, though, I had to be strict and just leave them. Then, the only carbs I was eating were trace amounts in veggies and from our once-a-week carb re-feed of white rice or sweet potato. Soon this turned out not to be enough, though. One of the biggest Bulletproof diet mistakes, in my opinion, is not to acknowledge and admit if your body just doesn’t work optimally with the advised carb amount. Some need more, some less.


Taking it all too seriously…

Cutting down the amount of fat and carbs in my diet worked for a while. I stabilized my weight though felt fatigued most of the time. Then, I started adding just a little more carbs: a small piece of carrot or sweet potato with meals, especially dinner, and blueberries as an after-lunch treat with coconut butter. Because I work out a lot, it’s good for me to have more carbs than average on the Bulletproof Diet. I still feel some fatigue every now and then, but I’m heading in the right direction.

After all, the reason why I’m living the Bulletproof lifestyle is to be the best and happiest I can be – it’s not about losing weight or forbidding something just for the sake of “being on a diet”. I have learned that it’s okay to enjoy life, too, and not be so strict all the time. | ©2017 | Disclaimer